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Part I. 段首段末句复习
●37________In order to make a change, you need to decide why it’s important. Do you want to get up in time to have breakfast with your family, get in some exercise, or just be better prepared for your day? Once you are clear about your reason, tell your family or roommates about the change you want to make.
A. Get a sleep specialist.
B. Find the right motivation.
The large color decisions in your rooms concern the walls, ceilings, and floors. Whether you’re looking at wallpaper or paint, the time, effort and relative expense put into it are significant. 40.______ .
E. It’s not really a good idea to use too many small color pieces
F. So it pays to be sure, because you want to get it right the first time
例题3  (2017年III卷) (Topic:如何定制睡眠计划)
● Keep your sleep/wake schedule on weekends. If you’re tired out by Friday night, sleeping in on Saturday could sound wonderful. But compensating on the weekends actually feeds into your sleepiness the following week, a recent study found. 39______
D. And consider setting a second alarm.
F. Stick to your set bedtime and wake-up time, no matter the day.
 Part II. “段中句”探究
1. 内在逻辑题
例题1 (2017年III卷)Topic:如何定制睡眠计划)
● Keep a record and evaluate it weekly. Keep track of your efforts and write down how you feel. After you’ve tried a new method for a week, take a look at your record.   40   If not, take another look at other methods you could try.
D. And consider setting a second alarm.
E. If the steps you take are working, keep it up.
Some people may think that a garden is no more than plants, flowers, patterns and masses of color. Others are concerned about using gardening methods that require less water and fewer fertilizers(肥料).    38   . However, there are a number of other reasons that might explain why you want to garden. One of them comes from our earliest years.
E. Still others may simply enjoy being outdoors and close to plants
F. You can produce that kind of magical quality in your own garden, too
Ex 3:(2016全国卷 III) How to buy and cook fish
Fresh fish should smell sweet: you should feel that you’re standing at the ocean’s edge. Any fishy or strong smell means the fish isn’t fresh.   19  When you have bought a fish and arrive home, you’d better store the fish in the refrigerator if you don’t cook it immediately, but fresh fish should be stored in your fridge for only a day or two. Frozen fish isn’t as tasty as the fresh one.
A. Do not buy it.
E. The fish will go bad within hours.
Ex 4:(2015年北京卷)(如何利用空想)
  First, understand that some opportunities(机会) for daydreaming are better than others. Feeling safe and relaxed will help you to slip into daydreams.         3_____And if you want to improve your chances of having a creative idea while you’re daydreaming, try to do it while involved in another task.
A. Having interesting things to think about also helps.
E. It involves slow, steady breathing for self-control that helps people stay calm and attentive.
Challenge 1  “物归原主” Put the sentence back into the passage.
Instead, you have to learn how to share things you enjoy, like your hobbies and your interests.
 Generosity means sharing and sharing makes a friendship grow.   You do not have to give your lunch money or your clothes of course.   Naturally you will want to share your feelings.    They tell your friend what is important to you.    By sharing them, you help your friend know you better.
2. 代词提示类
Lots of people find it hard to get up in the morning, and put the blame on the alarm clock. In fact, the key to easy morning wake-up lies in resetting your body clock. 36  ______. Here’s how to make one.
A. Get a sleep specialist.
C. A better plan for sleep can help.
例题2 (2017年全国II卷)Topic:如何避免被打扰)
If you have a door to your office, make good use of it. ___40___. If someone knocks and it’s not an important matter, excuse yourself and let the person know you’re busy so they can get the hint(暗示) than when the door is closed, you’re not to be disturbed.C. Set boundaries for yourself as your time goesG. Leave it open when you’re available to talk and close it when you’re not
Challenge 2  Put the sentences in correct order. (请按正确顺序排列句子)
① Such skills are exactly what companies are looking for.
② For many students, a gap year teaches them how to work with a group of strangers and how to look after themselves without the help of family or friends.
③ For example, Mr Biggins, the manager of a major finance company, welcomes the extra experience that a gap year can bring to new workers.
④ Nowadays, they expect young people to have more than just academic qualifications.
3. 词汇复现类
●Recall(回忆) your childhood memories
 .... If you’d like to build a powerful bond with your garden, start by taking some time to recall the gardens of your youth.  6_____ Then go outside and work out a plan to translate your childhood memories into your grown-up garden. Have fun.
D. You can produce that kind of magical quality in your own garden.G. For each of those gardens, writer down the strongest memory you have.
例题3 (2016年四川卷)
Get support. When you need help, reach out to the people who care about you. Talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent or other relatives. __72__ They might have had similar problems such as dealing with a test, or the death of a beloved pet.
E. You need to figure out what the problem is.
F. And don’t forget about your friends.
Challenge 3 一展身手 (2018年浙江卷)
Moving into a new home in a new neighborhood is an exciting experience. Of course, you want to make sure that you become an accepted and valuable part of your new neighborhood. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make sure you conduct yourself as a good neighbor should.31 ._______          
Perhaps one of the most important things you can do as a good neighbor is to keep your property (房产) neat, clean, and in good repair. 32.______ By choosing to keep the outside of the home in great shape, you will help to improve the look and feel of the area. 
Second, take the overall appearance of the neighborhood seriously. When going for a walk, take along a small garbage bag. 33.______This small act will let your neighbors know that you care about the area.
34._______If a neighbor is going to be out of town, offer to collect mail and newspapers. If a neighbor suffers an illness, offer to do the grocery shopping. Let them know that you are there to help in any way that is acceptable, while still respecting the privacy of your neighbor.
35._______ By following the basic rules of respecting others, taking care of what belongs to you, and taking pride in the appearance of the neighborhood in general, you will quickly become a good neighbor that everyone appreciates. 
A. In general, keep an eye on their property while they are gone.B. A good neighbor is also one who likes to help out in small ways.C. Being a good neighbor is more or less about considerate behavior.D. Sometimes neighbors may go to the supermarket together to do shopping.E. Should you come across waste paper thrown out of a passing car, pick it up.F. People tend to take pride in keeping everything in their street fresh and inviting.G. Here are a few tips to help you win over everyone in the neighborhood quickly. 
Before there was the written word, there was the language of dance. Dance expresses love and hate, joy and sorrow, life and death, and everything else in between.
     36    We dance from Florida to Alaska, from north to south and sea to sea. We dance at weddings, birthdays, office parties and just to fill the time.
“I adore dancing,” says Lester Bridges, the owner of a dance studio in Iowa. “I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.” Bridges runs dance classes for all ages. “Teaching dance is wonderful.   37   It’s great to watch them. For many of them, it’s a way of meeting people and having a social life.”
   38    “I can tell you about one young couple,” says Bridges. “They’re learning to do traditional dances. They arrive at the class in low spirits and they leave with a smile.   39   
So, do we dance in order to make ourselves feel better, calmer, healthier? Andrea Hillier says, “Dance, like the pattern of a beating heart, is life. Even after all these years, I want to get better and better.   40    I find it hard to stop! Dancing reminds me I’m alive.”
A. So why do we dance?
B. Dance in the U.S. is everywhere.
C. If you like dancing outdoors, come to America.
D. My older students say it makes them feel young.
E. I keep practicing even when I’m extremely tired.
F. Dancing seems to change their feeling completely.
G. They stayed up all night long singing and dancing.

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